Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members Helland, Byrnes, and Martz, 

The renewable fuels industry plays a large role in the economic success of Iowa. According to the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association, in 2022, the industry accounted for over $7 billion of Iowa’s GDP and supported more than 57,000 jobs through Iowa’s economy. It is important to support this critical industry. 

As you know, the agriculture industry is another major facet of the state’s economy. Every year, farmers across Iowa rely on their local ethanol plants to purchase their corn at a competitive price. The fact that over 50% of corn grown in Iowa is sold to an ethanol plant shows how intertwined the renewable fuels industry and the agriculture industry are. 

If Iowa agriculture and ethanol are to continue to succeed, both industries must adapt to market demands and innovate when necessary. Carbon capture and sequestration projects will benefit the renewable fuels industry, and therefore continue to provide a strong market for Iowa farmers. 

Thank you for your consideration,
Kathleen Bean