Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members, 

My name is Julius Schaaf, and I am writing to you in support of Summit Carbon Solu4on’s project in Iowa. As someone who has allowed other pipelines to run across my land in the past, I understand the necessity of them, especially when it comes to carbon. Not only are carbon pipelines much safer than other pipeline projects from the past, but they are also necessary to the future of ethanol in this state. 

Without carbon capture and storage in Iowa, ethanol plants will not be able to tap into low-carbon fuel markets. This would negatively impact farmers in the state as the demand for corn would decrease significantly. With how important ethanol and corn are to agriculture in Iowa, this would negatively impact the whole community. Whether you choose to support the project due to the environmental impact or the economic one, it is clear that it is essen4al to the future of agriculture in this state. Carbon capture and storage projects are a necessity if we want to keep Iowa competitive in the ethanol industry. 

Julius Schaaf
SW Iowa Farmer
Past Chair, U.S. Grains Council