Dear members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

I’m writing to express my support for Summit Carbon Solutions and its initiative in helping Iowa’s Farmers and maintaining the sustainability of the Ethanol Industry. The Biofuels industry in Iowa has lifted the Agricultural Industry to a level of sustainability that no longer relies only on Government subsidies to exist. 

The worldwide race to low carbon fuel solutions makes it imperative that Biofuels such as Ethanol use every tool to remain a leader in this energy race. Carbon capture and sequestration is a safe and logical step in competing on a global scale and will allow Biofuels to have a legitimate and quantifiable advantage in the liquid fuels arena. Without carbon capture projects, Ethanol production could drop by 75% within 10 years. If this happened, Iowa agriculture would no longer be thriving, and those jobs would be just a memory. 

Summit Carbon Solutions has a plan for ensuring the future of the great Iowa Biofuels industry and the Agricultural renaissance that it has delivered to our economy. Please join me in supporting this critical project and the livelihoods of thousands of Iowans that will be secured. 

Julius Schaaf
SW Iowa Farmer Former
Chair, U.S. Grains Council