I am writing as a concerned citizen worried about the energy crisis our country is facing and why preserving our biofuel industrial sector – Ethanol and Biodiesel – are so important. Recently, the east coast diesel inventories plunged to the lowest seasonal level in 30 years while diesel prices have hit record highs. We must do all we can to produce clean energy here in Iowa and the United States.

Agriculture and ethanol in the Midwest are currently at a crossroads. Low-carbon fuel markets are transpiring across the county, allowing ethanol to grow with the net-zero push sweeping the world. Ethanol plants that choose to lower their carbon intensity (CI) scores will have a greater chance of experiencing prosperity in the coming years. 

Ethanol is integral to the fabric of the Midwest. Over half of all corn grown in Iowa is used to produce biofuel, meaning that losing such a crucial industry would be devastating for crop prices. Therefore, we must do all we can to support the biofuel industry. 

Backing the ethanol industry as it tries very hard to lower its CI score is paramount. Many plants in Iowa have signed on with one of the three proposed carbon sequestration projects, including prominent names such as POET, Green Plains, and many smaller plants that provide countless jobs across our state. 

These projects are working hard to secure voluntary easements and be a part of the communities they cross. Some have already acquired over 50% of their proposed route, with much time left in their regulatory process. This fact is encouraging and leaves many supporters hopeful that these projects will be completed the right way, working with landowners and paying them the proper value for voluntary easements. 

Thank you for your consideration and I hope the Board will support our Iowa biofuel industrial sector.