Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members, 

I am writing to express my support for Summit Carbon Solutions and their work to strengthen the ethanol and agriculture industries. These important industries are the backbone of the Iowa economy and support our rural communities. 

As a lifelong resident of O’Brien County and a former county supervisor, I have seen firsthand the positive impact the ethanol industry has had on O’Brien County. It has created an economic boom for rural farming communities and has fostered a competitive local corn market for farmers. It would be in the best interest for our farmers and the state to help support this industry. 

Summit Carbon Solutions’ carbon capture and sequestration project will lower the carbon intensity score for their partner ethanol plants. A lower carbon intensity score means the plants will be able to sell their ethanol on the low-carbon fuel market. This new market is paying a premium for low-carbon fuels, and it is important Iowa ethanol plants meet the growing demand. By embracing carbon capture in Iowa, the ethanol industry will solidify itself as a low-carbon fuel op*on and therefore secure a market share for decades to come. 

A strong ethanol industry leads to a strong agriculture industry. I urge the board to approve Summit Carbon Solutions’ project and support Iowa ethanol plants and Iowa farmers. 

 Jim DeBoom