Dear members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

My name is Jeff Taylor, and I currently serve as the Lincolnway Energy Board of Directors chairman. I want to express my support for Summit Carbon Solutions’ carbon capture and sequestration project because of its positive impact on Iowa’s ethanol industry and agriculture. 

Iowa ethanol producers have the opportunity to decarbonize our industry and reap the benefits proactively. Taking this step forward will allow ethanol to compete with other low-carbon forms of energy and remain a competitive fuel source. 

The success of ethanol over the next decade can make or break Iowa’s agricultural economy. For example, a massive portion of Iowa corn is used for ethanol production, meaning farmers in our state cannot afford to lose out on this industry. 

Lincolnway Energy opened in 2004 and supports over 46 jobs in central Iowa. Each year we purchase over 27 million bushels of corn to produce over 90 million gallons of ethanol. We share a similar story to many other ethanol plants in Iowa, as many others have chosen to partner with a carbon capture project. Summit Carbon Solutions has 12 partner plants here in Iowa and 32 across a 5-state footprint. 

Ethanol producers choosing to decarbonize is an impressive effort by an entire industry to take a significant step forward. Therefore, I strongly urge the board to consider permitting Summit Carbon Solutions’ project. 

Kind regards,
Jeff Taylor
Chairman, Lincolnway Energy Board of Directors