Dear Iowa Utilities Board members Lozier, Huser, and Byrnes, 

These days, carbon seems to be at the forefront of so many different discussions. In many cases, it is not the opinions of a handful of individuals which guide companies to concentrate on carbon, but rather the industry and markets which demand companies develop plans to decrease their carbon intensity score. This is exactly what is happening to the ethanol industry across the Midwest. Our plant, Lincolnway Energy, faces a choice to either develop a plan to capture our carbon or face a limited market in the years to come. This is why Summit Carbon Solutions’ project is so imperative to the long-term viability of our plant. 

Summit’ IUB hearing was set for October 2023. This is much later than anticipated and will have reaching effects on the project’s construction timeline. If the hearing is left in October, construction at our plant can’t begin until Q3 of 2024 and will likely extend into 2025. Conversely, if you move the hearing date to July or August, shovels can break ground at the beginning of 2024 and wrap by the end of the same year. In addition, this timeline will allow farmers to attend since October is in the middle of harvest. 

In addition to serving as board chair of Lincolnway Energy, I am a fifth-generation farmer, and the October hearing schedule will directly impede my ability to attend. Summit’s project is very important to me as a farmer because it ensures ethanol plants can continue serving as the best local markets for our crop for the next serval decades. The project will benefit not only me, but my son, who I hope can take over the farm one day. 

I ask you to reschedule the hearing to this summer. The earlier this project’s hearing can move forward, the earlier soil can be returned, and our plant can return to normal operations. 

Thank you,
Jeff Taylor
Board Chairman, Lincolnway Energy