To Whom it May Concern: 

I was pleased to sign a voluntary easement allowing Summit Carbon Solutions to build its project across my land. Initially a skeptic, I became a convert and agreed to sign after carefully reviewing the technology and the SCS approach for developing the pipeline. Following are the key reasons for my decision. 

First, I spoke extensively to the SCS land agents and engineering team about their approach to construction. An engineer by training, I have several years of engineering/ operations experience in a related market: natural gas processing and transportation. The project, as designed, will apply established technologies that have been used successfully for decades. In my opinion, it’s sound, reliable, and proven. Based on my investigation, I am now confident in the SCS design, that they will respect my property and will restore my land to its original condition. 

Second, this project will create jobs and drive sustained economic growth in Iowa. The company is investing nearly $1B in Iowa while creating more than 2,000 jobs during the construction phase. SCS is also planning to spend $389M to retain the workers necessary to design and construct the pipeline. Those dollars will flow to local businesses of all types. And that’s not even counting the estimated $1.2M in incremental, annual property tax per affected county. Taken together, these investments, higher ethanol premiums and new revenue sources will enhance the economy in my community and spur meaningful, long-term growth. 

Finally, I believe it’s important to describe my experience negotiating with SCS because I’ve heard accounts that are at odds with the interactions I had with the company. I took the easement negotiation process seriously and approached it systematically. I needed to know specifics about the proposed pipeline route on my property, the construction process, how the company plans to protect topsoil, conduct repair/ replacement of any damaged tile, as well as its operational safety and communications strategy. Throughout my investigation, SCS readily provided me with the detailed information to address my questions and they always worked with me in a professional and respectful manner. My negotiations gave me confidence that SCS will deliver on its commitments. 

For these three reasons, I recommend that the members of the Iowa Utilities Board allow the SCS project to move forward. Doing so will safely provide significant value to farmers, local communities and Iowa’s overall economy. 


Jeff Dorr