Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E Court Ave
Des Moines, IA 50319

Dear Iowa Utilities Board:

Ethanol is essential for a healthy agricultural industry. Here in northwest Iowa, agriculture is a way of life and is the lifeline of our local economies. We would not prosper the way we do today without it.

I urge the board to support ethanol and the economic development it brings to the state. Right now, ethanol needs carbon sequestration technology to adapt to the current market demand. Partnering with Summit Carbon Solutions will allow us to utilize this technology, which presents an opportunity that Siouxland Energy cannot pass up.

Our plant proudly purchases 24 million bushels of local corn every year. If approved, Summit’s project will enable us to keep that trend steady and even improve it as low-carbon markets grow in the next decade. However, without carbon sequestration, ethanol misses a significant market and risks irrelevancy as electric vehicles and other low-carbon fuels become the priority.

Iowa has enjoyed high corn prices for over a decade due to ethanol. Please support our industry and Siouxland Energy’s partnership with Summit Carbon Solutions.

Kind Regards,
Jeff Altena, CEO, Siouxland Energy Coop