Dear Iowa Utilities Board, 

I am writing in favor of Summit Carbon Solutions and its carbon capture and storage project. Ethanol plays a vital role in our state’s economy and in the lives of those who work in the agriculture industry. Ethanol plants purchase over half of the corn planted in this state and without the ethanol industry, corn markets and land values will assuredly decline. 

As the chief operating officer at Siouxland Energy Co-op, I am proud to partner with a company like Summit Carbon Solutions while the demand for low-carbon fuel increases. This pipeline will ensure economic growth and job creation and allow for a new step forward for the ethanol industry. These benefits will flow into Iowa’s rural communities along with increased tax revenue from Summit’s project that can be used for our schools, roads, hospitals, and other essential services. 

Please join the ethanol industry, farmers, and myself in supporting Summit’s project. 

Jeff Altena
Chief Executive Officer,
Siouxland Energy Sioux Center, IA