As landowners who signed easements with Summit Carbon, we want to share our perspective and advocate for the project. 

Our experience with Summit has been marked by transparency and a straightforward process. Every interaction has been professional, and we’ve also attended community meetings where company officials and experts, including geologists, provided detailed information and engaged in open dialogue with attendees. 

Some have raised concerns about safety and land productivity. However, our research and interactions suggest that these issues, while entirely valid, may not be as dire as some fear. Safety is paramount. We understand the concerns of our fellow landowners but want to reiterate the safety record of these CO2 pipelines is impressive, especially compared to other types of transportation for commodities. Regarding land productivity, any potential impact appears to be a temporary and manageable challenge, especially given Summit’s commitment to compensation and mitigation strategies. 

We believe that supporting this project is not just about individual gains; it’s about considering the broader benefits. The increased demand for corn, spurred by this project, can positively influence local agriculture, enhancing income for farmers like us. Moreover, the economic health of ethanol plants, integral to our community’s well-being and employment landscape, is closely tied to the success of this pipeline. We believe in the importance of thoughtful deliberation on such projects because it’s crucial that decisions made by state and county leaders not just address immediate concerns but also the long-term welfare of our county, state, and economy. 

– Janet Reich and Janice Patterson