By Chris Boshart

August 18, 2022

Uncertainty is everywhere in today’s world. Inflation and international crises far away from our small Iowa towns increase prices and leave us unsure about the future. When looking at gas prices specifically, it has become clear that Iowans need to invest in homegrown fuel. Ethanol is not just a transitional fuel; it is here to stay and is a vital part of our local economy.

As Iowans, we should take every chance to invest in this industry. Every other row of corn in the state goes to ethanol production; it is a valuable commodity we cannot afford to lose. The world is prioritizing low-carbon fuel. This means that despite being widely popular in the Midwest and across the nation, the ethanol industry has to adapt to low-carbon standards to remain viable.

Though some may not see this need or agree with decarbonization, I choose to view it as a free-market opportunity for ethanol that will bolster our rural community. There are domestic and export markets that are paying a premium for ethanol that has a low carbon intensity score. This allows us to purchase and process more corn at a higher price, supporting land values and corn prices and solidifying our local economy.

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