Curt Friesen – Guest Opinion

August 7, 2022

For years, there has been talk of carbon sequestration being a key to the future of farming. Then, about this time last year, Summit Carbon Solutions announced its intention to partner with 32 Midwest ethanol plants to sequester their carbon permanently, and years of conversation and speculation suddenly became reality.

With something so important to the future of the family farm and our rural economy, I took the time to understand the why behind the enormous task and the company presenting it. Summit Carbon’s goal is to empower the agriculture and ethanol industries on which our state’s economy heavily relies. About 50% of the corn grown in Nebraska is used in the production of ethanol, meaning that a future without ethanol would be challenging for agriculture and family farmers.

Summit, in partnership with those 32 Midwest ethanol plants, will capture each plant’s carbon and permanently store it safely underground in North Dakota. This process will allow participating ethanol plants to sell their product at a higher price in low-carbon markets such as California and help ensure long-term demand for ethanol.

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