Emmetsburg, Iowa (January 25, 2023) – Emmetsburg West Elementary School received a $5,000 donation from Summit Carbon Solutions to build a new playground with inclusive equipment for children with mobility aids, varying ranges of motion, and sensory needs.

Partners in Education (PIE) is raising money for the upgrades. The fundraising efforts began this past summer after the old equipment was removed due to safety concerns.

“This new, inclusive equipment will ensure every child in the community is able to play, learn, and meet new friends in a safe environment,” explained Sarah Smith with PIE. “The playground will make a difference in our community, and it wouldn’t be possible without donations like this.”

The money will be used to buy equipment such as a fitness challenge course, a wheelchair-accessible covered tunnel, sensory tunnel, and stationary musical instruments.

“Access to quality recreational space is vital for the development of children and Summit is proud to be able to help foster the growth of the next generation,” said Sabrina Zenor, Director of Community Relations. “Summit Carbon Solutions is committed to investing in local communities to open new economic opportunities, support a wide range of philanthropic causes, and invest in the future of agriculture.”

The West Elementary playground serves nearly 300 students daily during the school year. The goal is to have the new, inclusive equipment installed this spring.


About Summit Carbon Solutions: Summit Carbon Solutions is partnering with 32 ethanol plants across the Midwest to develop the largest carbon capture, transportation, and storage project in the world. The project will open new economic opportunities for critical industries such as ethanol and agriculture and create 11,000 jobs during construction.

Sabrina Zenor