Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E Court Ave
Des Moines, IA 50319 

Dear members of the board, 

As the Clarion Development Alliance board president and the Marketing and Communications coordinator and Grain Merchandiser for Gold-Eagle Cooperative, I understand how crucial preserving agriculture is to our local economy in Clarion and across Wright County. 

The carbon capture and sequestration project proposed by Summit Carbon Solutions presents an opportunity for ethanol unmatched by other alternatives. When every other row of corn in the state goes to ethanol production, this project will help ensure that our local ethanol plant, CORN, LP, will remain operational and profitable. Keeping CORN, LP profitable and corn usage local will allow the plant to be able to continue to purchase corn from farmers at a high value and keep land values high. 

Summit Carbon Solutions will bring an economic boost to Clarion and Wright County. In addition to the investment in the ethanol plant, the project will bring increased tax revenue that will benefit our local schools and infrastructure. This project is an excellent opportunity to continue to grow the local economy and strengthen our vital industries. 

I ask that the Iowa Utilities Board support our community by issuing a permit to Summit Carbon Solutions to build this critical project. 

Thank you,
Elizabeth McOllough
President of the Board of Directors, Clarion Development Alliance