A broad, bipartisan majority of South Dakotans support the ethanol industry and believe it is critical to the future of agriculture, the health of the state’s economy, and improving environmental outcomes, according to a new survey of registered voters in 18 counties where Summit Carbon Solutions is proposed to operate in South Dakota.

Key findings of the survey along with a partisan breakdown of the results are as follows:

  • 94% of those surveyed believe the ethanol industry is important for South Dakota farmers and the state’s agricultural industry.
    • Republican: 97%
    • No Party: 90%
    • Democrat: 94%
  • 88% of respondents believe the ethanol industry is important for the state’s economy.
    • Republican: 90%
    • No Party: 86%
    • Democrat: 89%
  • 74% of those surveyed believe ethanol is good for the environment.
    • Republican: 79%
    • No Party: 59%
    • Democrat: 82%
  • 88% of respondents believe the ethanol industry has a positive impact on the state of South Dakota.
    • Republican: 92%
    • No Party: 83%
    • Democrat: 86%

“This survey confirms that South Dakotans believe ethanol is not only an essential part of the state’s economic landscape today but a critical industry for our future as well,” Jake Ketzner, Summit Carbon Solutions’ Vice President of Government and Public affairs, said. “Summit Carbon Solutions was formed because we share this belief. If approved, our carbon capture and storage project will open new economic opportunities for ethanol producers across the state and strengthen the marketplace for corn growers.”

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