Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E Court Ave
Des Moines, IA 50319

Subject: Summit Carbon Solutions and Docket No. HLP-2021-0001 

To Whom It May Concern: 

I am writing as a representative of Delta Constructors, LLC to express our support of Summit Carbon Solutions and Summit Carbon Solutions’ Carbon Capture and Sequestration Project. We believe this project is critical for and will greatly benefit the agriculture industry, ethanol industry, workforce, economy, and environment. 

Delta Constructors is a full-service construction and fabrication group serving industrial clients, with a primary focus on the energy markets. Delta is 25% owned by Calista Corporation, an Alaska Native Corporation. We partner with Calista and its subsidiaries to better serve our communities and hire local and indigenous individuals whenever possible. We have a strong presence and workforce in North Dakota and have provided our services on major projects in North Dakota and the surrounding states for over a decade. 

We are passionate about the responsible development of our natural resources and support advancing technologies, including carbon capture and sequestration, that will boost economic productivity and growth while moving us toward to a safer, better, and more sustainable future. Safe work execution and Environmental Stewardship are of critical importance to Delta, and we would not extend our support to a project were we not confident in its integrity. We have the utmost confidence that the construction and operation of carbon capture, transportation and sequestration infrastructure is safe and a good and necessary investment. 

The demand to lower CO2 emissions is growing worldwide. It is essential that our ethanol industry develops in response to this demand in order to stay relevant and competitive. We must be proactive in order to protect and strengthen our markets. Summit Carbon Solutions’ project will drastically reduce its ethanol partners’ carbon intensity, benefiting the agriculture industry, the economy and the environment, all while supporting the Midwest and the nation’ CO2 reduction goals. Low-carbon ethanol refineries will receive a premium for their product and be able to pay a higher price for the corn they purchase. Since ethanol plants currently purchases more than half of the national corn production, this project will support a critical corn market and the local economies relying on it. 

This project will also bring vast economic benefits. Summit Carbon Solutions’ multi-billion-dollar investment will provide thousands of direct and indirect jobs to hard working Americans, boost small businesses and local suppliers, bring in millions in new tax revenue streams to state and local funds, as well as monetize a valuable waste stream. Small businesses, like Delta, and their employees rely on projects like these in order to survive and thrive in the markets. This proposed development is a step in the right direction for the future of our economies and fellow citizens. 

Delta Constructors supports Summit Carbon Solutions, and we place great faith in their reputation as a organization and in their ability to safely and responsibility construct and operate their carbon capture, transportation, and storage project in North Dakota and across the Midwest. We support the need for a predictable, transparent and timely regulatory process. Expedious and thoughtful development by industry first movers is critical to this project in order to encourage capital investments and realize local and broad environmental and economic returns. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding this letter. Thank you for your time and consideration of this important matter. 


Dustin Cooper
Delta Constructors, LLC