Dear members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

The proposed carbon projects across Iowa are of incredible importance to farmers. Without these projects, the local markets for crops would plummet because ethanol purchases a huge portion of the corn grown in the Midwest. Carbon capture and sequestration projects will enable plants to stay afloat in our decarbonizing world, and if they cannot move forward, the plants relying on them will surely go under. 

Farmers aren’t the only ones impacted by this possible reality, as so many different industries and rural communities are tied to agriculture in our state. According to the Iowa Farm Bureau over 315,000 jobs contributing $17.58 billion in wages are reliant on the agriculture sector in some form. With so much at stake, protecting ethanol should be our top priority, and supporting the carbon projects will do just that. 

Thank you for your consideration,
Duane Aistrope
Delegate, U.S. Grains Council