Dear members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

I am writing to express my support for Summit Carbon Solutions and its support for Iowa’s ethanol and agriculture. 

This pipeline will positively impact farmers and ethanol producers around our state. By reducing the carbon intensity score of ethanol, our corn growers and ethanol plants will stay viable in their markets. Without this pipeline technology, we risk losing a top contributor to our state’s economy and the many jobs that come with it. Ethanol and agriculture are a lifeline for Iowa. We cannot lose their viability due to low-carbon standards. We must get in front of what is undoubtedly coming – mandates. 

By embracing access to carbon capture technology right now, Iowa’s core industries will avoid growing pains down the road. The long-term benefits of Summit Carbon Solutions’ pipeline will pump economic growth into Iowa’s rural towns when they need it most. Not only would this pipeline benefit ethanol producers and corn farmers, but it would benefit those in the broader community by providing increased tax revenue. 

Please support Summit and approve its permit. The ethanol industry needs access to carbon capture technology very soon. 

Duane Aistrope
U.S. Grains Council Member