Letter of Support to be filed in Docket Nos.: 

HLP-2021-0001 (Summit Carbon Solutions, LLC; Petition for Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Permit) 

Re: HLP-2021-0001 (Summit Carbon Solutions LLC Petition for a Hazardous Liquid Pipeline Permit) 

Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members, 

Green Plains Inc. owns and operates two ethanol plants in Iowa, both of which are part of the Summit Carbon Solutions Midwest Carbon Express pipeline. These two plants, at Shenandoah and Superior, process over 50 million bushels of corn annually, the equivalent of 250,000 acres of production, providing a reliable market for area farmers, as well as a strong basis. 

Capturing our biogenic carbon dioxide from fermentation is a crucial step for us to decarbonize our operations to meet end customer demands, to remain competitive in low-carbon fuel markets and to qualify for new federal tax incentives that have the potential to add significant value to our farmer customers’ corn. We support the Summit Carbon Solutions project and respectfully request that you consider moving up the date of the hearing. Currently it is slated for October, which is right in the middle of harvest, the busiest time of the year for us as well as for our farmers. We unload hundreds of trucks per day during harvest, and our farmers are in the fields, sometimes around the clock, as weather permits. The summer is a much better timeframe to allow for farmers to participate in the hearing. 

Last year the Iowa Farm Bureau suggested a summer 2023 hearing and we encourage the IUB to find a way to meet that request. Moving up the hearing could also allow Summit to get all of the construction done in 2024, which would be better for our farmer customers, as they would only be dealing with the project for one growing season instead of two. Additionally, the more quickly this project can be operational, the more the economic benefits can begin flowing to Iowa ethanol plants, farmers and rural communities.

Thank you for your consideration, 

Devin Mogler SVP Government Relations, Sustainability & Communications 
o/b/o Green Plains Inc., Green Plains Shenandoah LLC & Green Plains Superior LLC