Iowa Utilities Board members Huser, Lozier, and Byrnes: 

Quad County Corn Processors, located in Galva, Iowa, is one of Summit Carbon Solutions’ 32 ethanol plant partners across the Midwest. Low-carbon forms of energy are in significant demand across the United States and other parts of the world. As it stands right now, ethanol is somewhere in the middle, lower in carbon emissions than standard fossil fuels, but still needing to reduce its carbon footprint in order to remain competitive long term. By partnering with Summit Carbon, ethanol produced at our facilities will have a low enough carbon score to compete and continue to purchase nearly 60% of all the corn grown in Iowa. 

Our desire to lower our carbon output is not a political move, though it may be characterized as such by those who want to see the end of the ethanol industry. Instead, as a business, we are constantly looking for ways to remain relevant and reach consumer demand for the fuel we produce. Doing so will also secure a long-term market for corn and keep the high grain prices Iowans have enjoyed for the last 20 years. 

Like many other infrastructure projects, Summit Carbon will benefit Ida County outside the Quad County Corn Processors ethanol plant. Summit will pay $1.6 million a year in new property taxes, and the company has made it a clear priority to be a part of the communities it crosses. 

I respectfully urge the board to consider this project and all it will do for agriculture, ethanol, and rural Iowa. 

Delayne Johnson, CEO
Quad County Corn Processors