Dear Members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

My name is David Kruse and my family has owned and still farm land in Clay County Iowa. The purchase of 163 acres marked the beginning of the Kruse family ownership of the farm in 1896. That would mean that it has been in the family for 127 years. 2024 will be my 51st crop season and my son has begun to take over operation of the farms for the 6th generation. We intend for the farms to be economically viable for his son. For that to happen I believe that we need your help and cooperation. 

 I am writing to express my strong support for the Summit Carbon Capture Pipeline project. As an Iowa corn grower and landowner who has signed a voluntary easement with Summit, I whole heartedly believe that the CO2 pipeline and carbon sequestration are vitally important. We have been reliant on farm subsidies and foreign dependence relative to exports for critical growth in corn demand. We have a rising trendline of corn production and without a like rise in demand, farm prices and net farm incomes will suffer. The development of the ethanol industry was a crucial value-added component of corn demand bringing financial growth to the entire Ag economy. This dynamic reverberated throughout rural Iowa, supporting incomes, growing employment and broadening the tax base. I am 71 years old and it was the most beneficial contribution to net farm income in my lifetime. Our corn surplus is now growing again as a result of our productivity and we have it within our control to make the decisions necessary to grow domestic demand by reducing the carbon score of ethanol through CO2 sequestration.

Sequestration of CO2 from ethanol production will add value to ethanol that will be shared with all corn producers from the expansion of markets that welcome low carbon renewable fuel. Japan says that it will buy it. Low carbon ethanol will meet the regulation of California and others now restricting it. Ethanol meets the criteria for Sustainable Aviation Fuel and low carbon ethanol would be a perfect fit to fill the SAF market. The Summit Pipeline opens doors to new markets and incentives for the agricultural sector. 

When first approached by Summit Carbon Solutions, 8 friends, relatives and neighbors of mine met to share our ideas and perspective on negotiating an easement with Summit. Together as a group, we found consensus on the benefits and need of this pipeline and defined our criteria and concerns that would need to be met by Summit for easements. We subsequently met as a group with Summit representatives and negotiated a fair agreement that fully satisfied and or exceeded our expectations that we believe will benefit all parties. All of us subsequently signed the easement agreement and are looking forward to Summit getting this pipeline constructed so they can begin operation in order to gain the larger benefits of this project for all facets of Iowa, corn farmers, supporting business and rural economic growth. 

All farmers will benefit from the additional corn demand created by CO2 sequestration. Current plants will fully utilize existing capacity and likely expand these plants. As has been seen where ethanol plants have been sited, local corn basis improves and all farmers benefit directly and indirectly from the positive impact on prices. Even farmland values rise, enlarging the property tax base. As DDG production correspondingly grows, livestock producers also benefit from greater availability of that co-product. I urge the Iowa Utilities Board to accept and approve of the far-reaching positive impacts that the Summit Carbon Capture Pipeline will have on the agricultural sector, farm income without subsidies, supporting land values, and the overall economic well-being of rural Iowa. CO2 sequestration is climate friendly. More ethanol makes this country’s energy independence stronger. 

Thank you for your time and consideration. You have handled the pipeline hearings well. The process has been conducted fairly and highlights how many Iowans support the nearly 700-mile pipeline in the state. I believe that Summit is treating farmers fairly as evidenced in the way they treated us. I believe that I speak for the majority of farmers as Summit has been successful in securing a large majority of voluntary easements. 

I trust that the Iowa Utilities Board will make decisions that benefit the long-term interests of the state of Iowa and strongly encourage you to approve the pipeline just as we did.

David Kruse
5th Generation Iowa farmer
Summit Carbon Solutions Pipeline easement partner