Dear Members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

My name is David Dolan and I am the merchandising manager at Gold-Eagle Cooperative and head of risk management at CORN, LP. Given my position, I understand the crucial role ethanol plays in our state’s economy. Gold-Eagle has been a valued player in north-central Iowa’s agriculture sector for over 100 years and supplies 100% of the corn requirements at CORN, LP. Just like Gold-Eagle and CORN, LP, Summit Carbon Solutions is involved and supportive of the communities it serves and is a trusted partner of ours. Throughout the years, we have been loyal members of our community and have adapted to the changes our sector has faced. 

One major change facing our industry is the push for net-zero carbon fuel sources. As more and more states begin to switch to carbon-neutral fuel, Summit Carbon Solutions offers the chance for ethanol producers to remain viable for years to come. Carbon capture technology creates an opportunity for ethanol to compete in low-carbon fuel markets, meaning Iowa’s economic growth will not be stunted and corn prices will remain competitive. Job creation will rise and communities along the pipeline route will reap the benefits of Summit’s investment. Summit’s carbon capture project creates an asset that Iowans can profit from for generations. 

As ethanol and agriculture industries continue to evolve, I ask that the members of the Iowa Utilities Board support innovators like Summit. 

Thank you for your consideration,
David Dolan
Merchandising Manager and Head of Risk Management
Gold-Eagle Cooperative and CORN, LP