Iowa Utilities Board
1375 E Court Ave
Des Moines, IA 50319

Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members,

As it exists today, ethanol is the most successful renewable energy medium in the world. With determination and a commitment to agriculture, local communities have grown significantly thanks to the ethanol industry. However, with new options like carbon capture and sequestration, the ethanol industry can continue to grow, meet new market demands, and secure its place as a long-term sustainable energy source. 

Participating in carbon capture and sequestration will allow ethanol plants to reduce the carbon intensity (Cl) score significantly. Over the next decade, facilities utilizing this technology will produce biofuel with a net-zero Cl score. Ultimately, this new low-carbon product will create a competitive edge for ethanol against electric vehicles and allows for an increase in home-grown sustainable energy, promoting more robust markets for corn and land. 

Summit Carbon Solutions has partnered with 32 ethanol facilities across their five-state region including locally owned facilities like Golden Grain Energy LLC in Mason City. Through this collaboration, each plant will be able to produce low-carbon ethanol, which is eligible to sell for a premium on the growing low-carbon fuel market. This investment will significantly enhance the longevity of ethanol, a critical component of local and state economies throughout the Midwest, allowing each plant partner to become more efficient and resilient as increasing decarbonized standards become the status quo.

I hope the Iowa Utilities Board recognizes this project’s economic benefit and commitment to agriculture and chooses to support Summit Carbon Solutions.

Kind Regards,

Dave Sovereign
Chairman Board of Directors
Golden Grain Energy LLC
1822 43rd Street
Mason City, Iowa 50401