Carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) technology will deliver the economic boost we need in rural communities across the Corn Belt. The deployment of CCS technologies will help maintain a strong crop market in the region, offer new employment opportunities, and stimulate local economies. It will likely also attract investments and drive innovation, fostering a vibrant agricultural sector. 

Having the means to capture and sequester carbon will draw several new industries and businesses to Iowa that are interested on joining efforts to decarbonize. With the ability to quantify carbon sequestration efforts, farmers can differentiate their products, attract eco-conscious consumer markets, and command premium prices. 

I was happy to see the board decided to host Summit’s IUB hearing in August, giving more landowners the opportunity to be present. I’m confident the economic and agricultural benefits of Summit’s project will come to light during that time. Thank you for taking the time to hear my perspective. 

Daryl Haack
Primghar, IA