To the members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

The CO2 projects crossing Iowa today are important to the success of farming in our state. As a farmer, I know that crop prices were significantly lower before the ethanol boom. Ethanol plants have greatly increased the profitability of agriculture, and without them, our state would undoubtedly return to those bad old days. This will hurt so much more than just plants and farms, as rural communities have deep economic ties to these sectors and would feel the impacts. 

These carbon capture projects will help these plants step into the future and qualify for them for exclusive markets. It’s no longer whether we agree with the low-carbon push, but rather how we work with it to ensure our plants and our farms aren’t left behind. One of our local plants, Green Plains Shenandoah, has recognized the need to find somewhere to store its carbon, which is why they have signed on with one of the three projects. Carbon capture and storage is just one of the ways ethanol plants can achieve this. 

Supporting the carbon capture projects means supporting rural agriculture and rural communities. It will be these two groups who stand to benefit or lose the most if these projects cannot move forward. 

Darrel McAlexander 
Fremont County, Iowa