Decarbonizing ethanol is an investment in Iowa’s future.

Investing in carbon capture technology in Iowa presents a promising opportunity to bolster the ethanol industry and propel it into a more sustainable future. Emerging markets have given Iowa a unique opportunity that demands innovative solutions. By integrating carbon capture mechanisms, like Summit Carbon Solutions’ pipeline project, into ethanol production facilities, we can significantly reduce the industry’s carbon intensity and enhance its long-term viability.

Moreover, by embracing low carbon practices, locally pro-competitive edge in the global market, attracting environmentally conscious consumers and investors. 

Adopting low carbon projects will:

    1. Increase ethanol’s viability due to an increasing number of markets that have adopted policies paying more for lower carbon fuels. 
    2. Reinforce a stable market for corn – ethanol is responsible for purchasing 50% of corn in Iowa.
    3. Support significant job growth and job retention in rural Iowa communities.
    4. Attract more businesses and industries to Iowa that are looking to utilize carbon capture infrastructure.

This investment is a win-win scenario, aligning economic growth with prolonging a core industry. As we navigate the challenges of low impact energy demands, Iowa’s commitment to carbon capture sets a precedent for other ethanol-producing states. Summit’s project reinforces the bio-fuels industry as a leader in renewable energy sector.

Darrel McAlexander
Sidney Former Chair
U.S. Grains Council