Dear Iowa Utilities Board,

I write to you respectfully encouraging your consideration of the permit for the Summit Carbon Solutions’ carbon capture and storage project. This major endeavor supports a major Iowa industry and also supports the reduction of carbon in a meaningful way.

Summit Carbon Solutions is partnering with 31 ethanol plants across the Midwest, 12 of those in the State of Iowa. This partnership will help create new revenue streams for this essential industry so that they can continue to deliver cleaner fuel options to people across the United States. 

Carbon capture and storage projects like Summit Carbon Solutions proposed investment will put ethanol on track to become a net zero or even carbon negative fuel by the end of this decade. This shift will allow ethanol producers to access markets that have adopted low carbon fuel standards and play a significant role in decarbonizing transportation in the United States and beyond.

When fully developed, the Summit Carbon Solutions project will be capable of capturing and permanently storing 12 million tons of carbon dioxide every year. That is the equivalent of taking 2.6 million cars off the road each and every year – an incredible figure to consider.

Finally, this is an opportunity for Iowa to, once again, lead. With substantial projects related to wind energy, solar energy, ethanol production, and now carbon capture projects like this one, Iowa is well positioned to lead the way when it comes to delivering better environmental outcomes.

With appreciation,

Dan Culhane
President & CEO