Every city and town across Iowa bears ties to farming. It is the foundation upon which our state is built. For the last 20 to 30 years, ethanol has served as a central pillar of agriculture. 

From purchasing over half of our corn growers’ crops to providing high-quality dried distiller grains for livestock, local ethanol plants keep rural communities alive and place Iowa at the top of the list for agricultural exports.

Now is the time to act to keep this industry afloat and prevent an unimaginable implosion of our state’s economy and identity. Ethanol plants are pursuing partnerships to reduce their carbon emissions and gain a competitive edge in the future of sustainable fuel production.

To me, it makes sense to start with an Iowa-based company rooted in agriculture. Summit Carbon solutions prioritizes safety, land restoration, and the future of Iowa farming. I support this project and all the good it will do for communities across our state and region.

Craig Solsma