Dear Iowa Utilities Board members Huser, Lozier, and Byrnes, 

The Mason City Chamber of Commerce proudly supports ethanol and agriculture in Iowa. Though ethanol is a significant contributor to the Iowa economy, many plants across our state are in danger of closing their doors if they are unable to find a way to lower their carbon intensity score and tap into new markets. Carbon capture and storage projects are an option to solve this critical issue. 

Our local plant, Golden Grain Energy, partnered with Summit Carbon Solutions to lower its carbon intensity scores. Summit’s project will help ensure the ethanol plants across Iowa, which are responsible for about $4 billion of Iowa’s GDP, will not shutter their doors for the next several decades. 

The board recently set Summit’s hearing timeline for a potential October start date. Unfortunately, this will make it rather tricky for those involved in agriculture and ethanol to attend the meetings. The fall is a hectic time for farmers as they work tirelessly to harvest crops. 

The chamber agrees with the Farm Bureau’s stance that the hearing should be in July 2023 so our ethanol plants can secure a stable future sooner than later. 


Colleen Frein
President & CEO, Mason City Chamber of Commerce