Dear IUB members, 

The height of the COVID-19 pandemic forced CORN, LP, and many other ethanol plants to shut down for a short period. This period was challenging for our plant and the surrounding communities, as the industry purchases nearly 60% of all the corn grown in the state of Iowa. The shutdown provided a brief glimpse into what the future could hold if the ethanol industry fails to capture new economic opportunities. 

Right now, a concern for many people is carbon emissions. This phenomenon drives sales and production of electric vehicles and forces many of us to wonder what is next for biofuels. This industry has served Iowa well for two decades, driving high prices for corn and farmland. 

The choice to decarbonize our plant and partner with Summit Carbon Solutions came as a business decision. We could either find a way to get rid of our carbon or face a more restricted market to sell our ethanol. Given this dynamic, our plant sincerely hopes that Summit Carbon Solutions’ project can move forward and allow us and many other plants to decarbonize. 

A short plant shutdown was extremely difficult; please help us avoid anything similar and potentially more permanent in the future. Support the ethanol industry’s quest to decarbonize and secure a long-term market for Iowa corn. 

Thank you,
Chris Petersen
Agronomy Seed Sales Manager at Gold-Eagle Co-Op
Goldfield City Councilor