Members of the board, 

The Iowa Renewable Fuels Association recently released a study highlighting the ethanol industry’s need for carbon capture and sequestration technology. The findings are simple. If Iowa ethanol plants are not allowed to utilize carbon capture technology, the industry will lose billions of dollars, and the loss of production will cut one billion bushels of demand for Iowa corn. 

It’s disappointing to see certain voices in our state doubting the ethanol industry as they advocate against using carbon capture technology. If given this opportunity, ethanol can reach net zero and have a lower carbon score than electric vehicles by the end of this decade! The CO2 pipelines allowing ethanol to meet this milestone are transformative infrastructure that will grow Iowa’s economy and bolster an industry responsible for purchasing the bulk of the corn grown in the state. Many industries are adapting to curb carbon emissions before incentives become law, and ethanol is no different. 

More Iowans sell their corn to an ethanol plant than not. Most plants in Iowa have signed on with one of the three carbon capture projects. Therefore, I urge the board to consider the outcome if these plants are forced to shut their doors over the next decade. 

Chris Janda