Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members: 

As the plant manager at Lincolnway Energy, I’m writing to emphasize the importance of access to carbon capture technology for the ethanol industry. Our partnership with Summit Carbon Solutions’ proposed carbon capture project is vital to the future of our ethanol plant in Nevada, Iowa, and so many others. Decarbonization is of utmost importance as we work to meet this new demand for low-carbon fuel. Summit’s project will provide the infrastructure to capture the amount of carbon required to lower the carbon intensity score of Lincolnway’s ethanol. 

The ethanol industry is at a crossroads as the global market embraces low-carbon options like electric vehicles. Since the biofuel boom in the early 2000s, corn prices and land values have skyrocketed. As a result, Iowa ethanol plants have created a strong and stable market for our farmers. However, should our plant fail to capitalize on this opportunity, we will undoubtedly struggle to see the similar economic success that we have shared with our fellow Iowans for the last two decades. 

Our plant provides jobs, it buys millions of bushels of corn from Iowa farmers, and soon, with the help of this project, it could produce a fuel that can compete with electric vehicles. In another 10 years, our ethanol could be a carbon-negative fuel. 

I urge the board to consider our state’s economy and the future of agriculture if we lose access to this infrastructure. Please approve Summit Carbon Solutions’ project. 

Chris Cleveland
Plant Manager, Lincolnway Energy