Iowa Utilities Board, 

My name is Chris Cleveland, and I am the Vice President of Lincolnway Energy, a plant that partnered with Summit Carbon Solutions because of its forward-thinking innovation and its commitment to farmers and ethanol plants across the Midwest. Our plant is a long-term player in the ethanol industry and does what it takes to ensure a strong future for ethanol. 

As the hearings for Summit Carbon Solutions in Iowa progress, I believe now is a good time to highlight the benefits that this pipeline would have on our state’s economy and its ethanol plants. Markets are shifting towards a carbon-free future, and Summit’s pipeline will assist us in adapting to this change so that our products keep their value. There is no better time than now to support a project that will help maintain the viability of ethanol and corn in our state. 

At Lincolnway Energy, we know that the low-carbon fuel industry will have a negative impact on our business without Summit’s carbon-capture project. The jobs we supply for our community, the business we give to local farmers, and Iowa’s rank in national fuel markets are at risk if we don’t capitalize on the opportunity to utilize carbon capture technology. I urge the board to consider what the future of agriculture and our state’s economy will look like if we lose the strength of our ethanol industry.

Chris Cleveland
Vice President, Lincolnway Energy