My name is Chris Boshart and I am the chief executive officer at CORN, LP located in Wright County, Iowa. I have had the privilege of seeing first-hand the impact agribusiness and innovation have had on our state. A prime example is Summit Carbon Solutions’ carbon capture and sequestration pipeline, a project that promises vitality to our local economies, farmers, and ethanol producers. This project is a critical turning point for the ethanol industry and for the rural economies that biofuels bolster. 

CORN, LP decided to partner with Summit for a number of reasons; the most obvious of which was its benefits to our ethanol plant, our employees, and local farmers who sell their corn to us. Specifically, the project allows us to produce low-carbon fuel and sell into markets that pay a premium for these types of fuels. This added revenue would allow us to continue to provide local jobs, local corn markets, and contribute to our local tax base. 

We respect the emphasis Summit has put on safety from the very beginning. It is a top priority for CORN, LP and an essential qualification for our partner companies. The company is going above and beyond what state and federal laws require and is fully committed to constructing and operating a safe pipeline. 

The completion of this project ensures valuable economic benefits for the state of Iowa, especially in the communities the pipeline passes through. More broadly, it bolsters the entire ethanol industry in Iowa. Summit’s team recognizes how essential ethanol is to Iowa’s economy and is committed to opening new doors on a global scale. 

The ethanol produced at CORN, LP will compete with other low-carbon products that are in demand across the nation. States such as California, Oregon, and Washington and countries such as Canada have already adopted low-carbon fuel standards. Selling fuel to these emerging markets positions our ethanol plant with a place at the table in this growing demand sector. We believe it will be an advantage to our plant and corn suppliers for us to be ahead of this shift to low-carbon products. 

We cannot overlook the impact Summit’s pipeline will have on the rural communities throughout our state. Ethanol is a cornerstone for rural economies and employs over 44,000 hard-working Iowans. Summit’s project is safeguarding these jobs for years to come and securing a robust corn market for farmers. Increased tax revenue from the project can improve rural hospitals, schools, and roads. 

Currently, Summit’s project sits before the Iowa Utilities Board. I know CORN, LP made the right decision to partner with Summit so that our doors will stay open when many will not. I hope the IUB will allow this project to move forward. 

Now is the time for Iowans to rally behind ethanol producers and farmers relying on this low-carbon shift to secure a viable future. 

Chris Boshart is the chief executive officer of CORN, LP.