Members of the Iowa Utilities Board: 

My name is Chad Kuhlers, and I am the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Officer at of Golden Grain Energy in Mason City, Iowa. Golden Grain Energy is one of the 13 ethanol plants signed on with Summit Carbon Solutions’ project in Iowa. We are proud and excited to have this opportunity to sequester our carbon emissions and enter the low-carbon fuel market. 

Entering this market will allow my plant to sell the ethanol it produces for a higher profit and at a greater demand, enabling Golden Grain to continue and add to the amount of local, Iowa-grown corn we purchase. While this is wonderful for my plant and its employees, along with the many farmers who sell their corn to us, I feel that the board must understand the why behind Summit’s project, as it is bigger than one ethanol plant in North Central Iowa. 

Summit has partnered with 13 ethanol plants in Iowa and over 34 project wide. Nearly every ethanol plant in Iowa has signed on with a carbon capture and sequestration project, and more across the Midwest continue to do so. There is a reason for this. 

The ethanol industry is at a pivotal point to adapting to where demand is going. Whether we agree with it or not, low-carbon markets are the future, and we must produce a product that can be sold in those markets. Ethanol plants need access to the technology that will allow us to make low-carbon fuel or face a stark reality in the next decade where many plants will close their doors. 

By partnering with Summit, Golden Grain Energy can keep its doors open when other plants may not. I urge the board to consider our position and the many farmers who sell their corn to ethanol plants across Iowa. 

Chad Kuhlers, CEO, Golden Grain