Dear members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

Farmers around our state understand the importance and necessity of ethanol in their daily lives. Many of us remember what it was like as a corn grower before ethanol when corn went for about $3 a bushel. Farmers enjoy much higher corn prices nowadays, and much of that can be contributed to the ethanol industry. 

Carbon capture projects will ensure ethanol can withstand future market trends which would otherwise severely cripple plants across the Midwest. I am referring specifically to low-carbon fuel standards, which states in the U.S. and even countries around the world have started to enact. Carbon management will be important to ensure that our local plants aren’t shut out of these booming markets, and farmers will retain the high corn prices which ethanol has afforded us. 

In addition, the ethanol industry directly supports nearly 70,000 jobs in the United States, with about 45,000 of those right here in Iowa. It contributes about $4.5 billion to Iowa’s GDP and generates $2.1 billion of income for Iowa households every year. That money is being spent in communities across Iowa in stores, gas stations, and restaurants.  

Please support carbon capture projects like Summit Carbon Solutions’. They will allow ethanol plants to qualify as low-carbon fuel and safeguard their future as well as the future of Iowa farmers and communities. 

Thank you,
Carl Jardon
Past Iowa Corn Growers Association President