Radio Iowa

10 August 2023

Republican presidential candidate Doug Burgum says he is “fully confident” an Iowa company’s pipeline to ship carbon to underground storage in North Dakota will be built.

Burgum is the governor of North Dakota where a state commission has rejected Summit Carbon Solutions proposed route through his state. The commission cited landowners concerns and the pipeline route’s proposed proximity to Bismarck.

“I have every expectation that pipeline is going to to approved in North Dakota,” Burgum said. “There is going to be a reconsideration of that process I’m sure and as they have done in the past, they’ve been super accommodating in routing around. If you’ve got a farmer that doesn’t want a big check for an easement, their neighbor probably does and they’ll keep making adjustments.”

North Dakota already has carbon pipelines, according to Burgum, including one that’s been running for 22 years. “Every one of your kids that’s got an expensive new bike they’re going to tell you. ‘What’s it made of?’ ‘Oh, it’s super lightweight. It’s super strong. It’s made of carbon fiber,’” Burgum said. “Carbon is not the devil element on the periodic table.”

Burgum spoke with reporters during a visit to the Iowa State Fair. During a speech early this afternoon at the Des Moines Register’s Political Soapbox at the Fair, Burgum said Biden Administration regulations are holding back the economy.

“The economy should be sprinting and it’s crawling right now ’cause it’s buried under red tape,” Burgum said. “In North Dakota we say one thing over and over: ‘it’s innovation not regulation.’ Innovation built this country and that built our economy and we need to get our economy going because we’re in a cold war with China.”

Burgum will be back at the Fair tomorrow for a “Fair Side Chat” with Governor Reynolds.