Board Members Helland, Byrnes, and Martz, 

Thank you very much for your commitment to public service in the state of Iowa. My name is Brian Kjergaard and I am a farmer in southwest Iowa with farmland in Shelby, Pottawattamie, Cass, and Audubon counties. 

Our family is a 4th generation operation with long term plans. In this time, we have come to be a firm believer that the success of the ethanol industry has added more value to corn production, and our profit margins, which has been capitalized into higher land values. This has built incredible equity for farmers while concurrently expanding our fuel supply. 

When I heard about plans for CO2 pipelines to cross our state, my initial thought was to learn more about why this would be necessary. I understand the reluctancy of those who are skeptical about a pipeline wanting to cross their farmland. Pipelines are the safest way to transport product. Pipelines are also more immune to supply chain problems in comparison to truck or rail. 

I have been aware for some time that the ethanol industry is in a pivotal moment where CO2 sequestration is imperative for the industry to compete in the emerging, but soon to be dominant, low-carbon fuel market. Raising corn, producing ethanol, and sequestering carbon plays to Iowa’s competitive advantage and it is imperative that we get in front of this early. The question isn’t if, but how we make it happen. Sequestering carbon from the ethanol and agriculture industries in Iowa is a strategic move, and we have the opportunity to be a global leader. 

A silent majority has signed with these projects (over 70% of landowners for Summit’s project). I ask the board to join me and many others in supporting access to carbon capture technology. 

Brian Kjergaard
Kimballton, Iowa