Dear members of the Iowa Utilities Board: 

I write to you as the former plant manager of CORN, LP in Wright County, Iowa. As Iowans, the board surely understands that ethanol contributes to the success of the agricultural industry in Iowa. Each cannot survive without the other, especially given that more than half of all the corn grown in Iowa is sold to ethanol plants. Without ethanol, corn would be sold at lower prices, cutting deep into farmers’ pockets and overall profits. This scenario could cause catastrophic damage to the Iowa economy, one of the many reasons CORN, LP partnered with Summit Carbon Solutions. 

Ethanol production has three parts, two of which are profitable – ethanol and DDGs. The Summit Carbon Solutions project helps CORN, LP increase the profitability of that third part of the process, which is carbon. Right now, carbon is traditionally released into the atmosphere. While this method has been effective in the past, current industry and market trends have encouraged plants to find a solution for excess carbon. 

 Summit Carbon Solutions enables ethanol plants like CORN, LP to continue operations and remain viable in the years to come. With this project, plants can achieve net zero carbon emissions. If they cannot accomplish this task, ethanol plants across Iowa will inevitably close as they will not be able to access the growing number of markets that pay a premium for low carbon fuels. Many have forgotten how low corn prices were before ethanol, but I haven’t. Without access to carbon capture technology, the ethanol industry will suffer. So, I urge the board to consider these factors when deciding the fate of Summit’s project. 

Brad Davis