Members of the Iowa Utilities Board, 

Industries across America are increasingly focusing on their carbon emissions. From consumer goods to the energy sector, we see more and more companies looking at their carbon output and finding ways to be more efficient. Ethanol plants are no different, and as many people know, the product they produce results in carbon as a byproduct. Traditionally, plants release excess carbon at the plant, but markets are demanding fuel that is low carbon. Resolving the issue of excess CO2 is a make-or-break issue for the future of ethanol. 

Summit Carbon Solutions’ capture and sequestration project will solve this problem for ethanol plants across the Midwest. By and large, farmers across Iowa understand how essential carbon capture projects will be for the future of agriculture, which is why Summit has already received two-thirds of the voluntary easements they need for the project and continues to sign more each day. 

Hundreds of farmers in Iowa will be impacted by Summit Carbon Solutions’ project, but due to the board’s decision to set Summit’s hearing date to October, many of them will be unable to attend to voice their support because of harvest. 

I ask the board to support carbon capture and please move the hearing date to July or August. 

Brad Davis
Former plant manager, CORN, LP