Dear Iowa Utilities Board members,

I am the agronomy sales manager at Gold-Eagle Cooperative in Goldfield, Iowa. I also serve on the REC board in my hometown of Eagle Grove. Like so many others across Iowa, my career depends on the ethanol industry’s overarching success and its implications on agriculture. Ethanol plants like CORN, LP in Goldfield purchase the bulk of the corn in Iowa and using that corn locally ensures farmers are paid higher prices than if it had to be shipped elsewhere.

When trucks roll up one after another during harvest, I often find myself wondering what would happen if our industry saw a decrease in demand. Unfortunately, that reality is not so far-fetched  without adaptions to infrastructure at the plants and to ethanol’s business model.

CORN, LP is working hard to find a way forward and capitalize on a new demand for ethanol in the low-carbon fuel market. Partnering with Summit Carbon Solutions will help the plant achieve that goal and remain a substantial purchaser of corn. If ethanol can remain profitable, Iowa will continue to enjoy strong land values and high commodity prices. These are benefits that all Iowa landowners and farmers will see. After months of research and conversations with the company, I’m confident CORN, LP has made the right decision that will benefit the employees, community, and the farmers who sell us their corn.

Thank you,
Boone Morgan
Agronomy Sales Manager, Gold-Eagle Cooperative