Dear Iowa Utilities Board members Huser, Loizer, and Byrnes, 

My name is Bill Couser, and I own a farm and livestock business in Nevada. I also am a sitting board member at Lincolnway Energy and have proudly signed an easement with Summit Carbon Solutions to cross my property. 

As a farmer, I ask that you consider rescheduling the Summit hearing for an earlier date than October and November. Most of those affected by the Summit pipeline are farmers in the field during the bulk of the fall. Therefore, it puts us in a difficult position where we have to attempt to split our time between attending the hearing and trying to harvest our crops. In reality, most farmers will be forced to miss the hearing if it remains at the current dates. 

With the holidays following soon after harvest, the best hearing dates are August or September. The Farm Bureau has requested the same because they understand the harvesting timeline. 

Please consider working with us farmers on a new schedule that works best for those with the pipeline crossing their land. 

Bill Couser
Nevada, Iowa