To the Iowa Utilities Board: 

My name is Bill Couser, and I am writing to express my support for Summit Carbon Solutions CO2 pipeline project. I am a life-long farmer, board member at Lincolnway Energy, and a landowner who has signed an easement for the pipeline to cross my land, and because of this, I know that this project is the future of the ethanol and agriculture industries in Iowa. I also know that Summit has the safety and security of Iowans in mind. 

Low-carbon fuel is the future, and ethanol plants across the state of Iowa have partnered with Summit to ensure that they don’t have to close their doors. Summit offers an invaluable solution to our state and to the farmers and ethanol producers working hard to stay viable as the energy industry changes. Without the opportunity to implement carbon-capture technology, vital industries in our state will suffer. 

This is a pivotal point for Iowa’s economy and the Iowans who rely on ethanol and agriculture for their work. I respectfully ask that you join me in supporting Summit Carbon Solutions in its mission to sustain our economy for years to come. 


Bill Couser