Iowa Utilities Board,

My name is Bill Couser, and I support Summit’s proposed CO2 pipeline project. I am a farmer and board member at Lincolnway Energy – one of Summit’s 12 ethanol plant partners in Iowa. In addition, I’ve signed an easement with the company, and the pipeline will cross my land.

CO2 pipelines are a safe and necessary solution to ensure a strong future for ethanol and agriculture in Iowa. The most recent study by the Iowa Renewable Fuel Association found that if Iowa prevents carbon capture, it will decimate the ethanol industry, and plants will have to close. Gone will be the days of the typical 16 cents per bushel premium farmers have enjoyed at their local ethanol plant.

The ethanol industry has transformed Iowa’s agricultural economy and led to economic prosperity. Our ethanol plants have provided farmers with a competitive corn market for two decades, and with the addition of carbon capture and sequestration, many more decades to come. As the board weighs its decision to approve Summit’s project, please keep the agriculture industry in mind.

Bill Couser