Tulsa, Okla. – Big Elk Energy Systems will partner with Summit Carbon Solutions to develop the largest carbon capture, transportation and storage system in the world. Leaders from Big Elk, Summit Carbon Solutions, State and City Officials and Osage Nation Principal Chief Standing Bear will speak about the project at a press conference on Thursday, Nov. 3 at noon to be held at Big Elk located at 4140 S. Galveston Ave.

Summit Carbon Solutions is partnering with 32 ethanol plants throughout Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska as an investment in the future of agriculture. The project plans to capture carbon dioxide from the fermentation process, compress the captured CO2, and transport it to North Dakota where it will be permanently and safely stored underground in deep geologic formations.

This type of project will drastically reduce the carbon footprint of ethanol production and enhance the long-term economic viability of the ethanol and agriculture industries. The $4.5 billion private investment will create new economic opportunities for critical industries such as ethanol and agriculture, create jobs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a boost to local communities across the Midwest and the United States.

“Summit Carbon Solutions is a dream partnership for our company,” said Geoff Hager, Founder and CEO of Big Elk. “Not only will our equipment be used to help reduce emissions, produce clean energy and create more jobs, our people will get to play an integral role in pioneering this emerging market for the benefit of generations to come.”

Tribal engagement has been a critical component of the Summit Carbon Solutions project since it was initiated more than a year ago. The company has been working with a variety of tribes who have historical, cultural and spiritual connections to the lands through which the project will be located. Osage Nation Principal Chief Geoffrey Standing Bear will share his thoughts on this project and what it means to the tribes and land.

The project is set in the coming months and will create 40-50 jobs for Big Elk and Summit Carbon Solutions will support 11,000 jobs during construction and 1,100 permanent jobs once it is completed.

“As we work to advance our carbon capture, transportation, and storage project, Summit Carbon Solutions is thrilled to partner with premier businesses such as Big Elk who share our commitment to safety, creating jobs, and improving environmental outcomes,” said Lee Blank, CEO of Summit Carbon Solutions. “As an Oklahoma-based and Native American-owned business, Big Elk will play a critical role in helping Summit Carbon Solutions develop the largest carbon capture project in the world and in doing so opening new economic opportunities for critical industries such as ethanol and agriculture.”

The ceremony will be held on Thursday, Nov. 3 at 12 pm at Big Elk located at 4140 S. Galveston Ave. in Tulsa.            

To learn more about Summit Carbon Solutions, please visit www.SummitCarbonSolutions.com.


About Big Elk Energy Systems LLC

Big Elk Energy Systems LLC, manufactures large-scale pipeline measurement and integrity equipment and serves the energy industry on a global scale. The Tulsa-based company was founded in 2014 and was named after Founder Geoff Hager’s third great-grandfather, a chief of the Osage tribe born in 1852 named Opahtunkah, translated “Big Elk.” The company was recognized in 2018 by Inc. Magazine as the fastest growing manufacturer in America. For more information about Big Elk, visit http://bigelk.com.

About Summit Carbon Solutions:

Summit Carbon Solutions is driving the future of agriculture by expanding economic opportunities for ethanol producers, strengthening the marketplace for Midwest-based farmers, and creating jobs. In developing the largest carbon capture and storage project in the world, the company seeks to lower greenhouse gas emissions by connecting industrial facilities via strategic infrastructure to store carbon dioxide safely and permanently in the Midwestern United States. For more information, visit: www.SummitCarbonSolutions.com.