Iowa Utilities Board
1375 Court Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50319 

Dear Iowa Utilities Board Members: 

The impact of ethanol production in Iowa on agriculture and communities and my career as a farmer and community leader have been meaningful and far-reaching. The ethanol industry is responsible for retaining a high demand for corn in Iowa, not to mention employing thousands of people and contributing billions to our state’s GDP every year. As a result, we must take the steps necessary for ethanol producers to remain viable in the future, and that goal can be met through carbon capture projects. 

The Quad County Corn Processors (QCCP) ethanol plant is a valued member of our community. Employing over 30 people in a town of less than 500 people has attracted some quality people, but also has presented opportunities to thrive for many from Galva and the surrounding communities. We support their decision to partner with Summit Carbon Solutions so they can decarbonize and achieve net zero emissions, allowing them to access new markets that pay more for low carbon fuels. This is a necessary business decision for many ethanol producers across our state and will support many rural ag economies. 

We survived the farm crisis and didn’t expect our farm to pass to the next generation. The economic boom in agriculture that started when we used the surplus corn to fuel America with clean burning ethanol and fed livestock with the high protein co-products created the opportunity for my 2 sons to return to the farm and thrive. 

As the President of Galva Economic Development Corp, I am hopeful the board recognizes how significant this project is to communities like Galva. 

Alan Bennett
President Galva Economic Development Corp.
6095 170th St. Galva IA 51020