Iowa Utilities Board:
Ethanol plays a considerable role in Iowa’s agricultural landscape and is widely supported by many across the state, despite their background or personal beliefs. Strong support for ethanol boils down to the fact that over the last twenty years, it has boosted our agricultural economy. 

Initially, people thought of ethanol as a temporary fuel when it first rolled out, but now, over 60% of the corn grown in Iowa goes to ethanol production. In the last two decades, the ethanol industry has made massive strides in lowering carbon and becoming more sustainable. However, the next step forward is sequestering carbon at the plants and entering the low-carbon fuel market with the help of Summits Carbon Solutions. 

Summit offers an excellent opportunity for ethanol plants to produce low-carbon fuel, defeating ethanol’s “transition status” and reinforcing Iowa’s corn market. Summit’s project is safe and bolsters the ethanol industry and Iowa’s agriculture economy. 

Pipelines are a familiar technology. They are heavily regulated at the state and federal levels and safer than trucks or rail. In Iowa, there are currently over 40,000 miles of pipelines in use! 

I urge the board to join me and the rest of the silent majority in supporting Summit’s project. 

Al Giese
Board President, IRFA