About Summit Carbon Solutions

Summit Carbon Solutions is an U.S. company with U.S. roots committed to driving job growth across the Midwest, reducing emissions, and providing a substantial boost to the ethanol and agricultural industries that are so critical to the economy. We believe in advancing communities through decarbonization solutions. In 2021, the company announced a partnership with 57 ethanol plants across the Midwest. Utilizing proven technology, Summit Carbon Solutions will capture carbon dioxide before it is emitted into the atmosphere and channel it to North Dakota where it will be permanently and safely stored deep underground.

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Landowner Partners
Ethanol Plants Across the Midwest

Your commitment is our commitment

There are a wide range of worthy causes critical for families and industries across the Midwest.
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Emergency Responders

Summit Carbon Solutions is committed to ensuring our Emergency Responders have all the necessary tools and equipment and feel supported in each community we touch.

Agriculture and Ethanol production

Our partners’ success is our success, and we are dedicated to helping to ensure agriculture and ethanol continue to thrive across the Midwest.

Technical and Agricultural Education

Educating the leaders of our future will continue to be a focus for Summit Carbon Solutions. We support FFA, 4-H, and technical education through equipment and resources.

Healthy families and communities

For communities to thrive, the parts that make up the whole must also thrive. We are committed to helping reduce food insecurity and help provide access to resources that allow communities to grow.