Red River Farm Network, Grand Forks, ND
By: Newsroom

Arthur, North Dakota farmer Kevin Skunes testified at the public hearing in Gwinner, North Dakota on the Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline. Skunes, who’s served on the board of the North Dakota Corn Growers Association says this pipeline would support ethanol production and in return, corn growers in the state. “Corn production provides a total annual economic value of about 2.2 billion dollars here in North Dakota, making it one of the most critical components of our broader ag economy, and ethanol is very much tied to this figure which makes it absolutely vital to maintaining strong commodity prices and land values.”

Skunes says low-carbon fuels are in the cards for the future of agriculture. “We need to keep reminding ourselves that it takes investment and innovation in order to keep these industries strong in the years to come. And that is exactly why carbon capture projects are a matter of life and death for ethanol products and by extension, our corn farmers.”